Amiga Format Cover disks

Issues 1 - 12

Yes, I admit it... I formatted and re-used disks 1 to 11 when I was a teenager. I have however been able to track down some originals online so my magazines now have all their matching coverdisks again and every disk from Issue 12 onwards is the exact disk that was stuck to the front of each and every one of my magazines.

Amiga Format Coverdisks 1-12

Issue 12 also came with a special audio cassette that contained an example song that was created using the Amiga as a sequencer and a Yamaha SY77 as the sound module/keyboard controlled via a MIDI interface. The cassette below is my original and the tape snapped at some point in the 1990's but I was able to take the cassette apart and repair it as it snapped in the transparent leader so no damage was done to the recordings contained on it.

Amiga Format Issue 12 Audio Cassette

I've successfully sampled the cassette and you can listen to both sides of the cassette by clicking on the links below.

Blockbusting Music from the Amiga - Side 1

Blockbusting Music from the Amiga - Side 2

Issues 13-24

Amiga Format Coverdisks 13-24

Amiga Format Coverdisks 13 - 24 part 2

Issues 25-36