Amiga Format Issues 13 to 24

The second year of Amiga Format saw the Amiga market still in its ascendency and you'll see that Amiga format went from being "Britain's Best-Selling Magazine for Amiga Owners" to "Europes Biggest and Best Selling Amiga Magazine" by Issue 24 as evidenced by the claim at the top of every magazine. Each issue did certainly grow in page numbers too with more features and reviews reflecting the vibrant third party hardware and software markets.

Issue 13 - "It's eating everything in it's path"

Amiga Format Issue 13

Issue 14 - Domain manna

Amiga Format Issue 14

Issue 15 - Black and white and best read all over

Amiga Format Issue 15

Issue 16 - Cultural revolution

Amiga Format Issue 16

Issue 17 - Refined palette

Amiga Format Issue 17

Issue 18 - Fat 'n' Festive

Amiga Format Issue 18

Issue 19 - Abseil lute big inners

Amiga Format Issue 19

Issue 20 - Girls on film