Unofficial mirror of the Acorn FTP site created

At some point in August 2011, the Acorn archive hosted on which served as a repository for the Acorn FTP site providing several resources for vintage Acorn computers including the original UniBoot boot structure for RISC OS 3.11 was taken offline.

Screenshot of the Acorn FTP unofficial mirror site

At Retro-kit, I believe that the Acorn FTP site was a valuable historic repository for Acorn enthusiasts and as such, I've managed to re-create 99% 100% of the archive by trawling the net and recovering cached versions of files from several archives including the Wayback MachineThe BBC Lives! and the UK Mirror Service sites together with my own personal copies of some of the useful downloads from the Acorn FTP site.

So today, I'm introducing the world to an unofficial mirror of the site that once resided on and it's now available to view and browse here. In March 2013 I was asked to remove the mirror by the new owners of RISC OS Ltd.


Posted on: 05-Sep-2011@13:25:23, updated on: 05-Sep-2011@13:25:23.

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