New VIDC Enhancer boards are in progress

About a month ago, I started to re-design the VIDC Enhancer board that had been published online on and on the Qube RISC OS Server projects page as a DIY project for improving the capabilities of the Archimedes range of computers when it comes to connecting to modern monitors. Specifically, the A300, A400, A400/1 series of Archimedes along with the Acorn BBC A3000 need a little help in providing a suitable signal for modern VGA and SVGA monitors.

I'd already created a fix for the SYNC on Green issue associated with the A300, A400 and A400/1 series Archimedes and when I began looking at the VIDC Enhancer board, it seemed like a natural thing to incorporate the SYNC on Green fix into the VIDC Enhancer board so that is what I've done. By incorporating this fix into the VIDC enhancer board, it allows the board to draw power via the riser rather than needing to have an extra set of flying leads to connect power.

VIDC Enhancer board component and solder side

The new board has been designed so that it can also be used as a VIDC Enhancer board without implementing the riser board and SYNC on Green fix if desired and can be used as the original VIDC Enhancer design was intended. To find out more about my VIDC Enhancer board, you can read all about the current progress of the design, manufacture and build process on the VIDC Enhancer project page.

Posted on: 09-May-2012@11:31:05, updated on: 09-May-2012@11:31:05.

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