Is this the ultimate RISC OS retro gaming machine?

The Acorn A3010 was always the least expandable of Acorn's computers with a limited number of expansion ports and the ARM250 "System On a Chip" being fitted that immediately precluded any CPU upgrade path.

The Acorn A3010

For some A3010 owners however, there was hope! The earliest A3010's that were sold didn't contain the ARM250 SOC device, instead they had a mezzanine board carrying the older ARM2 chipset called "Adelaide".

The Acorn A3010 Adelaide board

For years people have talked about replacing the ARM2 processor on the Adelaide board with an ARM3 processor and it would appear that IFEL did once do this for a single customer. So, now you can read about how I carried out this modification to a fellow collectors Adelaide based A3010, fitting an ARM3 processor and IDE podule to build the ultimate RISC OS retro gaming machine!

Posted on: 25-Mar-2014@22:16:36, updated on: 25-Mar-2014@22:16:36.

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