Acorn Archimedes - Battery Maintenance

The Acorn Archimedes A300, A400 and A400/1 series of Archimedes have the simplest form of battery backup technology in that they simply accept two 1.5V AA batteries inside their case, located away from any circuit boards thereby protecting the computer from damage in the event of a battery leak.

Acorn Archimedes A400 series battery location

If battery leakage occurs, although it's less destructive than if leakage were to happen in later models where the batteries were placed on the motherboard, damage to the battery holder and connecting cables can still take place. In this case, the battery holders can be replaced with original parts quite easily in order to make a full and complete repair.

Battery leakage showing a build up of alkali material on the negative terminal

Changing the batteries is simply a case of removing the case and swapping out the current batteries for fresh ones about once a year to maintain the configuration settings.

Battery Holders

Sometime, if the batteries have leaked, it may be necessary to replace the battery holders with new ones. I've had to do this once and you can see how it's done here.

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