Acorn Desktop C - Release 4

Acorn Desktop C was a subset of the Acorn Desktop Development Environment that contained the Acorn ANSI C compiler. It shared many common development tools with the Acorn Desktop Assembler and together they formed the entire Acorn Desktop Development Environment.

Acorn Desktop C - Release 4

The product shipped with two books, one of which served as a manual for the Acorn Desktop Development Environment, the other an introduction to Acorn ANSI C Release 4. The development suite was contained on four 800Kb 3.5" floppy discs and required an ADFS hard drive to be present for installation purposes. The installer is known to be one of the most troublesome in the Acorn eco-system and will only work under a very tight set of conditions. Once installed however the Acorn Desktop Development Environment is self contained so can be treated like any other RISC OS application.

The Acorn Desktop Development Environment was complimented by the Acorn RISC OS Programmer's Reference Manual which provided full details of RISC OS and its API's.

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