ICS/Baildon Electronics IDE/I2C Interface podule

The ICS/Baildon Electronics IDE Interface provides IDE capabilities to the Acorn Archimedes range of computers when plugged into a suitable backplane. The firmware for the IDEFS filing system does not support partitions and as such, the maximum drive size is 512MB.

Baildon Electronics IDE Interface 2

The internal IDE connector is a 44-pin powered IDE bus which can support the connection of a 2.5" HDD or an IDE to CF or SD adapter. In the photo below you can see that I've fitted a CF adapter to the board which is waiting to be populated with a Compact Flash card.

The internal IDE socket is a 44-pin version suitable for 2.5" HDD and CF adapters

In addition to the IDE interface, the podule also sports an I2C bus using a connector that resembles a 3.5" floppy drive power connection. It is presented externally to allow for I2C bus devices to be connected easily.

The IDE Interface with external socket and I2C bus

There was only ever one I2C device manufactured to be plugged into this I2C bus and it was called the AnDi Oddule. It consisted of some Phillips (NXP now) I2C parts that provided analogue and digital interfaces. The press release for the AnDi Oddule can be seen below.

Baildon Electronics I2C Andi Oddile press release

Press release image courtesy of Dave E. J. Hitchins

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