To go along with all the computers, I have a reasonable collection of books and manuals that hold a lot of information about using, programming, and maintaining the computers in my collection.

I'll be adding the books to the site as I go along with bits of information about them covering the following topics.



A sketch of the BBC A3000

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Acorn BBC Archimedes A310

Acorn BBC Archimedes A310

It's June and things are hotting up! In June 1987, Acorn launched a revolutionary computer the effects of which can still be seen today in your smart phone. The Acorn Archimedes contained the first commercially produced ARM CPU which was designed in house at Acorn. Acorn launched four models, the Acorn BBC Archimedes A305 and A310 together with the Acorn Archimedes A410 and A440. 

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