Passive Terminators for an Acorn Econet

Terminators for Acorn's Econet networking platform came in two types active (or powered) and passive. I use passive terminators and it is these that I'm covering here.

A shot of a couple of passive terminators for an Acorn Econet

The terminators plug into the farthest ends of the network, "terminating" the data bus thereby reducing the amount of reflected signals that may be transmitted back down the cable if no terminators are fitted to the network.

A passive terminator showing the resistor and capacitors fitted internally

The circuit diagram for the passive terminators reveals a little more than the photos and should assist in making either pluggable terminators like the ones here or creating a small circuit and adding it internally to a socket box.

The circuit diagram of a passive Econet Terminator

The resistors in the diagram above can be 0.25W, the capacitor is a Tantalum 16V capacitor with the cathode (-ve) pin connected to pin 2.

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