RetroClinic DualOS ROM board

The RetroClinic DualOS ROM board provides several features to the Acorn Master that are not normally available.

  • The ability to switch between Acorn MOS 3.20 and 3.50
  • Year 2000 fixes
  • Built in support in ADFS for the RetroClinic DataCentre

The RetroClinic DualOS board fitted to an Acorn BBC Master

The wires leading away from the DualOS board are connected to a switch that enables the selection of the different Acorn MOS releases whilst the Acorn BBC Master is powered off.

The Acorn MOS select switch connected to the RetroClinic DualOS board

I located the switch on the underside of the Master keeping it safe and maintaining the original look of the machine when in day to day use.

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Acorn BBC Master 128