Upgrading an ARM3 A3010 with RISC OS 3.11

After completion of the ARM3 and IDE upgrades, the final upgrade to the ARM3 A3010 was the fitting of RISC OS 3.11. Andrew sent me a set of RISC OS 3.11 ROMs to replace the factory fitted 3.10 ROMs and the photo set below details what's involved.

This meant a final strip down of the machine in order to get to the ROM sockets.

The A3010 with ARM3 and IDE board stripped down

The photo below shows the ARM3 board overlapping the RISC OS 3.10 ROMs so needs to be removed to allow the ROMs to be replaced.

The ARM3 board hovering above the RISC OS 3.10 ROMs

Once the ARM3 board is removed, The ROMs can be removed by using a small flat tool to lever the ROMs from their sockets. The best way to do this is to ease each ROM out alternating ends to ensure that you don't bend any pins when extracting them. Once out, the RISC OS 3.11 ROMs can be fitted in their place. There are no changes to any jumpers on the board for this upgrade.

The ARM2 socket where the ARM3 board fits and the empty RISC OS 3 ROM sockets

Finally the RISC OS 3.11 ROMs are fitted and the rest of the rebuild can start, refitting the ARM3 first.

The RISC OS 3.11 ROMs fitted to the motherboard

After the ARM3 is fitted, the top part of the faraday cage can be re-fitted allowing the floppy drive and keyboard to be reconnected. Once complete, the machine is all ready to test.

All back together again, ready for testing

Testing looks good and the ROMs are reporting correctly on the desktop.

The desktop of the ARM3 A3010 with RISC OS 3.11

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