Repairing an AKF50 DAG wire

WARNING: CRT Monitors and Televisions may contain very high voltages even when turned off before attempting any repair such as this, please ensure you are qualified to do so.

The DAG wire on the AKF50 is attached to the chassis by way of some plastic mount points and it's kept under tension by a spring. 

DAG wire mount intact

Over the years, the plastic mounts are stressed by the heat cycles of the monitor and the tension of the spring. Eventually, they fail.

A support post that has failed and snapped

After writing to Microvitec and discussion some options on the stardot forum, the consensus was that the best way to effect a repair would be to use simple zip ties.

The actual response I got from Microvitec was:

"I suggest using a tie wrap or similar to secure the dag wire in lieu of the fragile plastic mounts. Hope this helps"

So, with all that information, that's exactly what I did. In the following photo's you can see where the three mount points were and how the zip ties are attached to the chassis and used to hold the DAG wire in place.

zip ties replacing the original broken post

The DAG wire mounting replaced on the opposite corner

The DAG wire tensioner and zip tie repair

Finally, you can see the entire monitor and the DAG wire repair in place.

The repaired DAG wire in place on the back of the AKF50 tube

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