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Hybrid Music 2000 Installation guide pdf surfaces

I was recently contacted by Kevin Doyle who discovered a copy of the Hybrid Music 2000's installation guide in his possession. He kindly scanned it and has provided a PDF of the document to add to the information about the Hybrid Music System.

Hybrid Music 2000

To download the Hybrid Music 2000 Interface's installation guide, please take a look at the Hybrid Music 2000 page on this site.

Posted on: 18-Mar-2018@22:47:16, updated on: 18-Mar-2018@22:47:16.


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Acorn RiscPC

The Acorn RiscPC 600

The Acorn RiscPC was launched in April 1994 and was a complete overhaul of the ARM architecture with updated audio and video capabilities, a full 32-bit wide expansion bus and an innovative case design that allowed for extensive expansion capabilities including the case itself!

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Pre-order your Ultra VIDC Enhancer now

I'm opening up a list of pre-orders in anticipation of creating a new batch of Ultra VIDC Enhancers in the new year (2016). Please contact me to enquire about being placed on a pre-order list. No payment is necessary until the Ultra VIDC Enhancers are ready to ship.

A3000 Ultra VIDC kit

The anticipated price should remain the same at £32 each + £4.95 P&P to locations in the UK (other countries may incur greater shipping costs). The package includes the Ultra VIDC Enhancer, all connecting cables, headers and jumpers required for your Archimedes and a 3.5" floppy disc with the software on.

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