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More VELA peripherals found

Around six weeks ago, I acquired a four channel temperature sensor that connects to the VELA using the digital port of the VELA rather than the traditional analogue connectors.

VELA temperature sensor module

The sensor unit provides a way to connect four thermistors to the VELA so that four discrete temperatures can be measured at different locations in an experiment. For more information about this temperature module please take a look at the VELA temperature sensors page
I've also managed to acquire a set of original VELA pulse triggered light gates which can be used to measure speed and acceleration when used in experiments using a "car" with a card which interrupts the light beam created by the light gate.
A pair for light gates for the VELA
More information on the light gates can be found on the VELA light gates page.

Posted on: 13-Jan-2017@21:40:12, updated on: 13-Jan-2017@21:40:12.


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