AGA Slideshow Maker

AGA Slideshow Maker or AGASSM for short was a slideshow creation utility that I wrote over a couple of years and ended up selling it as Licenceware through Phil at 5D Licenceware.

When AGASSM made it into the 5D Licenceware stable, Amiga Shopper reviewed it in issue 62 and then bundled a demo of it it on issue 63 coverdisk two.

My intent is that I release a fully unrestricted version of AGASSM and possibly the source code too for those that are interested. In the meantime, you can download a licence key that will activate the version available on Aminet and give you full functionality. Simply drop AGASSM.reg into your S: folder or the folder that contains the AGA Slideshow Maker application to activate.

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Amiga Shopper Issue 63 Coverdisk

Amiga Shopper Iss 63 Front Cover   Amiga Shopper Iss 63 Back Cover

In the LicencewareZone section on the back cover of Amiga Shopper 63 it reads "Last month we were so impressed with the accessibility of the AGA slideshow maker, AGASSM, that we arranged a demo version for you to try out. As well as being able to show IFF's and animations, you can also play modules. Amazingly, after you've seen how easy it is to use, you can get the full version for only £3."

Amiga Shopper Issue 62 Review


Amiga Shopper Iss 62 Licenceware review of AGASSM

Amiga Shopper Star Buy logo"A slideshow creator. Wow. OK, another one of my biased views bites the dust. This is a great little program. It reminds me of the excellent Nucleus, in that it combines power with a really easy to use interface. Essentially, it comes with a creator and a player. You create the project and then distribute it with the player. As standard, the player can deal with IFF pictures