Resources for Retro Computing

When working with retro computers there's a lot of consumable print materials that just aren't out there any more and you need to be able to re-create those things from time to time. 

This page carries customisable and re-production versions of files that can be found elsewhere on this site in PDF form so you can download them, use them and modify them for your own purposes when you need to.

Also for other related retro computing resources that you can find on the Internet, there's a handy list of links at the bottom of the page...

BBC Microcomputer resources

BBC Master Series resources

Hybrid Music resources

VELA Resources

Resources around the web

Acorn related resources

Acorn News sites

Acorn Forums

Acorn Software and Resources

Hardware sites

Commercial sites

Acorn related Emulators

Acorn Atom

BBC Micro (and Master)

Acorn Electron

Archimedes and RISC OS

RISC OS resources

Other online Acorn collections

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