Acorn JP-150 bubble inkjet printer (ABJ01)

Launched in 1991 as part of the A5000 Learning Curve bundle, the Acorn JP-150 bubble inkjet printer is a rebadged Olivetti JP150 as at the time of production, Olivetti owned Acorn Computers Ltd.

The Acorn JP-150 bubble inkjet printer

The printer connects to a suitable computer via a parallel port connection and delivers manual feed single sheet black and white printing. An multi-page, auto sheet feeder was available for the printer as an add-on peripheral to the printer which allowed for easier printing of large documents.

Paper Feed

Unusually, the printer accepts blank sheets from the front of the printer and collates the document on the rear tray which is the reverse of most modern inkjet printers.

The Acorn JP-150 with the feed tray open

Collation tray

The Acorn JP-150 tray


The printer has several fonts built in and can be extended with a special cartridge containing more fonts as an optional extra. All of the settings for the printer are configured by a set of tabs that run across the inside of the printer which are hidden away behind a beige strip that runs across the width of the printer. The meaning for each tab is set out in the paper insert which is affixed to the underside of the printer cover. 

Changing the default settings on the printer

Other config settings

There are other settings that may need to be configured in order to print out correctly on the BBC Micro and Archimedes computers when printing out