Amiga Format Issues 73 to 87

By the time Amiga Format was into its seventh year, I was well and truly in the middle of my Software Engineering degree at University. The course was centred around SUN Sparc stations running UNIX and IBM PC compatibles running MS-DOS and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

The platform for all my development work and even word processing was dictated by the University and I along with many of my fellow students moved away from Amiga's and over to the IBM PC. I traded my 286 for a brand new Pentium 1 based PC with 16-bit on screen colour from a 24-bit pallette and a 16-bit sound card eclipsing the Amiga's sound and graphics capabilities for the first time. Quake 1 ran like a dream on that PC. The Amiga just couldn't keep up.

The completion of my move from Amiga to PC is reflected in the fact that I became an occasional Amiga Format reader rather than a regular reader and by issue 87, I had little time for the Amiga so stopped buying the magazine completely.

Amiga Format went on to total 136 issues and even began issuing CD's as cover discs. Some of my software actually made it on to AFCD2 but by then, my development work had moved over to the PC completely.

Issue 73 - Day dream Amiga!

Amiga Format Issue 73

Issue 75 - Hold your fire

Amiga Format Issue 75

Issue 80

Amiga Format Issue 80

Issue 81

Amiga Format Issue 81

Issue 82