Konix Navigator

The Konix Navigator is quite possibly the pinnacle of ergonomic gaming and is an 8 way digital joystick with autofire. Featuring a pistol grip with the fire button placed handily under the forefinger in a trigger like design. The Navigator has only one flaw which stems from the choice of materials. The plastics used are too brittle for heavy use and the rate of failure of the plastic casing was quite high. This example was my third navigator and as you can see, the auto fire switch is missing its original blue plastic cover as it broke many years ago due to extensive use whilst playing Speedball 2 and Xenon II.

The Konix Navigator joystick highlighting the pistol grip and trigger-like fire button.

Apart from the missing auto fire trim, this particular Navigator is in surprisingly good order and still performs admirably when playing games on the Amiga.

The Konix Navigator joystick highlighting the control stick and auto fire switch.

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