SD2IEC 1541 Emulation hardware

I purchased this SD2IEC 1541 Emulation hardware from ebay in June 2012 so that I could dispense with the use of the original Datasette and increase the load speed of the games I wanted to play. The device effectively mimics the behaviour of a real 1541 disk drive allowing you to load and run files from disk images stored on the SD card.

SD2IEC 1541 Emulation hardware for the C64

Once an SD card is installed with a suitable file browser such as CBM Filebrowser, it can be filled with ".d64" disk images which are suitable for the C64 and, using the file browser can be launched as if booting from the original 1541 floppy disk drive.

The SD2IEC board and 2GB SD card

As the speed of the 1541 disk drive interface is limited by the C64's serial disk interface architecture it is still nonetheless much faster than loading a game from a cassette.

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