UPURS Contact Form

You can contact Martin Barr about the UPURS system and if you cannot build a cable using information from the manual, he'd be happy to supply one to you for a nominal fee. Also, if you have no way of transferring the UPURS software to the BBC Micro you can request a copy of the software on floppy disc and/or EPROM.

PLEASE NOTE: Any contact requests via this form go direct to the author of UPURS, Martin Barr. They are not delivered to Retro-Kit at all. To contact Retro-Kit directly, use the main site contact form.


Please select the options you require if you need any part of UPURS to be supplied


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Sign up on the Stairway To Hell forums and follow this thread to get involved in beta testing the latest updates to UPURS!

UPURS Downloads

Version 5.0 of the UPURS suite is the first to contain UPCFS which provides the ability to transfer UEF files to the BBC Micro for "direct play".

To find out more about UPCFS, take a look at the UPCFS page.


UPURSFS is a new ROM image written by sweh that uses a UPURS cable to provide a HostFS filesystem over a fast serial link.

The ROM is designed to interface with TubeHost which can be downloaded from