VELA related scans and ephemera

There were significant numbers of reviews and marketing documentation published for the VELA of which only small numbers of originals appear to remain. You can click on the images below to open 300dpi full colour scans of them or download the PDF's.

Revealing VELA

Revealing VELA - review

Revealing VELA PDF

Statpack VELA software leaflet

VELA Statpack software

Statpack VELA software PDF

VELA sales leaflet - side 1

The following leaflet is of particular historical significance as the VELA shown on the right appears to be a pre-production model with a fascia and keyboard panel which does not resemble any of the production models where they are all built as a single panel. The photo below clearly shows the keyboard element of the fascia is a separate part to the rest of the front panel.

Bio measurements

VELA sales leaflet - side 2

VELA - Flexible solutions

VELA sales leaflet PDF

VELA - A Flexible solution for a future of change - side 1

VELA - Flexible solution 2

VELA - A Flexible solution for a future of change - side 2

DTI funded VELA offer

A flexible solution for a future of change PDF

VELA Users' group

VELA Users' group

VELA Users' Group PDF

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If you've come across this page because you've found a dusty old VELA or any of the peripherals I've mentioned on the site in the store cupboard of the science department and you're wondering what you can do with it... You could always consider donating it to a good home such as mine where it would be reunited with a BBC Micro, archived for the future and used!

Although I now have many VELA related items, I am still missing many more bits and pieces so if you happen to have a VELA, any VELA software, manuals or related VELA handbooks, then I'd still be very interested in hearing from you so please do get in touch!

Of particular interest are any VELA SAM4 compatible modules and software for the RM380Z, Apple II and IBM-PC's of the day which currently are lost to the mists of time with the prospects of viable floppy discs containing the software being more remote as the years go by.

For a full list of VELA related items I'm looking for, please check out my VELA - WANTED, DEAD or ALIVE! page.

Other VELA Software

The VELA manuals contain software listings for the transfer of data to several computers, the link below contains an SSD disc image containing the source for the BBC Micro transfer code.