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Although the VELA is a stand alone hardware platform, a lot of value is added by connecting it to a general purpose computer and using software to visualize and analyze the data captured by the VELA. Software was written for the BBC Micro, RM380Z, Apple II and IBM-PC compatibles. This page is an archive of all of the software that has been found and digitally imaged for preservation purposes.

Sadly, there are many more software titles for the VELA that are still missing and it would be desirable to archive at least one piece of software for each platform that worked with the VELA. 


VELAnalysis was the most commonly used software provided for the BBC Micro and there were three versions over the years. VELAnalysis was also made available for Apple and IBM PC's.

VELAnalysis 1.3 (circa 1982) VELAnalysis 1.3 showing a sample of a single note being played

VELAnalysis 1.3 was a commercial piece of software for the VELA released by Educational Electronics Ltd for the BBC Micro. The original version lacks some of the features of later versions such as improved zoom facilities, smoothing algorithms and it only supports the loading of two 1KB data blocks which means that the fastest data logging settings on the VELA which create a 4KB block of data aren't directly supported without the data being split into four separate files.

Download VELAnalysis 1.3 for the BBC Micro

VELA Analysis 2 (circa 1985) VELAnalysis 2 screenshot

VELAnalysis 2 was an updated version of VELAnalysis and included extra features including full access to a single channel 4KB sample stream which VELAnalysis 1 did not provide, meaning that the fast sample rate channels of the VELA were fully supported by the analytics software.

Download VELA Analysis 2 for the BBC Micro

VELAnalysis III (circa 1989) VELAnalysis III screenshot

VELAnalysis III was the third updated version to VELAnalysis and again included extra features such as moving average smoothing, advanced graph selection, display and zoom features and built in maximum, minimum, mean and RMS plotting are available.

Download VELAnalysis III for the BBC Micro

The graph below is a scan of a printout of the graph representing a titration I carried out in July 1992 as part of my Chemistry A-Level

Scan of a VELAnalysis III printout of a titration graph

VELAdisc+ VELAdisc+ screenshot

VELAdisc+ from Sarge Software provided similar functionality to VELAnalysis III. Rather than overlaying different graphs over each other, VELAdisc+ allows for up to 4 graphs to be shown in "windows" on the screen simultaneously.

Download VELAdisc+ for the BBC Micro

VELA Utilities disc VELAUtils screenshot

The VELA Utility disc provides further analytical tools in support of software such as VELAnalysis and VELAdisc+. It specifically supports data files produced by VELAdisc+ and VELAd but can be configured to support loading data files from other software by configuring the position of the first byte of data in the data file to be loaded.

The software also provides a full 6802 Assembler and Disassembler and supports displaying sample data in real time and downloading memory ranges directly from the VELA into the disassembler when the VELA is fitted with the ISL2* and ISL3* EPROMs.

Download VELA Utilities disc for the BBC Micro

Integrated Science Programs Integrated Science Programs screenshot

The Integrated Science Programs from philip harris provide several simple graphing tools to download and display data from a VELA.

Each program is optimised for different logging applications such as pH or simple voltage measurements and you choose the type of data you want to analyse from the menu, then download it from the VELA or load some pre-saved data from a disc.

Download Integrated science programs

VelaXFER A screenshot of VelaXFER displaying a small sound sample

When I acquired my VELA, there was no accompanying software so I started to develop my own and I'm now releasing an initial version for people to use. The software can transfer data from the VELA, save and load data sets for future analysis, render graphs, perform custom functions on the data and create smoothed graphs from the raw data.

VelaXFER is the data analysis software for the BBC Micro and VELA that I wrote in order that people could use their VELA if they didn't have the original software. It's was an early release but had many useful features and is compatible with the BBC Micro*, BBC Master and Acorn Archimedes** range of computers.

As much of the original software has been re-discovered and archived, VelaXFER is now listed simply for historical purposes.

Download VelaXFER - data analysis software for the BBC Micro

* The BBC Micro requires a 6502 second processor to run VelaXFER

** The data transfer routines are currently only compatible with the BBC Micro and BBC Master series of machines.

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