VELA - Software for data analysis


A screenshot of VelaXFER displaying a small sound sampleVelaXFER is data analysis software for the BBC Micro and VELA that I've written in order that people can use their VELA if they don't have the original software. It's an early release as yet but has many useful features and is compatible with the BBC Micro*, BBC Master and Acorn Archimedes** range of computers.

* The BBC Micro requires a 6502 second processor to run VelaXFER

** The data transfer routines are currently only compatible with the BBC Micro and BBC Master series of machines.

VELAnalysis 1.3

VELAnalysis 1.3 showing a sample of a single note being playedVELAnalysis 1.3 was a commercial piece of software for the VELA released by Educational Electronics Ltd for the BBC Micro. The original version lacks some of the features of later versions such as improved zoom facilities, smoothing algorithms and it only supports the loading of two 1KB data blocks which means that the fastest data logging settings on the VELA which create a 4KB block of data aren't directly supported without the data being split into four separate files.

VELAnalysis III

VELAnalysis III screenshotVELAnalysis III was an updated version of VELAnalysis and included extra features such as moving average smooting, advanced graph selection, display and zoom features and built in maximum, minimum, mean and RMS plotting are available.


VELAdisc+ screenshotVELAdisc+ from Sarge Software provided similar functionality to VELAnalysis III. Rather than overlaying different graphs over each other, VELAdisc+ allows for upto 4 graphs to be shown in "windows" on the screen simulaneously.

VELA Utilities disc