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Acorn Computers Ltd were British technology company based in Cambridge. Their history has been documented in great detail elsewhere on the web so I'm not going to simply re-create that information here, instead, for now, here's a list of my own Acorn (and related) kit!


Beeb @ 30 development team and Chris Searle with a BBC MicroOn March 25th 2012, ARM Holdings PLC held an event at their global headquarters to mark the 30th Birthday of the BBC Microcomputer and I was lucky enough to attend as part of the Event Team, taking several of my Acorn computers along for the day. You can read all about my Beeb@30 adventure on the Beeb@30 page.

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Vintage Acorn Computers


Acorn manufactured and sold 8-bit computers based on the 6502 processor from the late 1970's through to the early 1990's. The Acorn BBC Micro was my first computer and was launched in 1981.


In 1987, Acorn did something ground breaking, when other manufacturers were producing 16-bit machines based on Intel x86 or Motorola 68k processor technologies, Acorn produced the worlds first 32-bit desktop computer running their own processor design called the ARM processor. Over the years Acorn spun off their ARM technology and now processors designed by ARM are fitted to more devices than any other processor technology in the world.

Networking for Acorn Computers

Acorns tradition of innovative design didn't just extend to computers. Acorn also provided a fully fledged networking platform to which most Acorn computers could be connected and latterly even IBM PC Compatibles with a suitable ISA card. That networking platform was the Acorn Econet.

Vintage peripherals for Acorn kit


Hybrid Music system

Hybrid Technology LogoThe Hybrid Music System was a fully fledged modular musical synthesiser that turned the humble BBC Micro into a full 8 (or 16 with the 3000 Expander) track sequencer with 4-octave keyboard and MIDI interface to boot. There were several different modules that were made available for purchase and over two years of searching, I have managed to assemble a complete Hybrid Music System which you can read about by following the links below.



As bits of kit go, monitors are one of the first bits to get replaced with modern LCD flat screen equivalents. That's all great but sometimes, you just need a classic CRT monitor to make it right.

Then again, adding a sleek LCD monitor to your system makes a vintage machine look bang up to date!

Educational peripherals for Acorn kit

Contemporary peripherals for Acorn kit


Archimedes A300 series


8 and 32-bit

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